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Spin around the paper tape ring

Let's take a look!

What type of experiment is this?

Experimental procedure and explanation:

  • Make a loop with paper tape. This is circulated by blowing it with a dryer. If you don't have paper tape, you can use newspaper.
  • Attach a guide to prevent the paper tape from going all over the place when you turn it around. This experiment used a paper clip, but anything that can prevent the paper tape from shifting from side to side and is slippery will do.
  • When the wind blows, the paper tape flutters because of the function of the flow. When the paper tape attempts to bend down, the air flow also bends along with it. At this time, a downward force acts on the flow, an upward force acts on the paper tape as a reaction, and the paper tape is supported so that it does not fall. This principle is due to the Coandă effect.
  • The paper tape circulates because the flow causes viscous friction on the paper tape and drags it downstream.
[Keywords] Momentum theory, viscous friction
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