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Let's take a look!

What type of experiment is this?

Experimental procedure and explanation:

  • Make a sprinkler-like toy to use when sprinkling water.
  • Make two holes in a plastic bottle cap (pin vise and a file used here). This work is difficult, so be sure to do it with an adult. It is difficult to make a hole in the plastic bottle cap, so you can use a paper cup instead (let's try various things).
  • Insert a straw into this hole and bend the straw.
  • Mount it on the turntable made in "Turn with a stream of water".
  • When water is poured from above, water will flow out of the straw and the sprinkler will rotate.
  • When water comes out of the outlet of the straw, a force acts on the straw in the opposite direction (called action / reaction) and functions to rotate the sprinkler (called moment of force).
  • It can be dangerous to do handicrafts, so let’s do this with an adult.
  • Water is an important resource. Be careful not to waste water.
[Keywords] Angular momentum theory
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