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Theme : "Flow in Fuel Cells"  

  1. Preface
    (M. Ogino, M. Oshima, S. Tamano)
  2. Visualization of Liquid Water Behaviors in PEFCs by Soft X-ray Radiography
    Shohji TSUSHIMA, Shuichiro HIRAI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  3. Measurement and analysis methods of oxygen diffusivity for PEMFC components
    Norio KUBO, (Fuel Cell Cutting-Edge Research Center, Technology Research Association)
  4. Effects of supplied gas humidity change on PEFC transient power generation
    Takuto ARAKI (Yokohama National University)
  5. Numerical simulation and evaluation for developing next generation fuel cells
    Yuya TACHIKAWA (Kyushu University)
  6. Transport Phenomena in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell by Molecular Dynamics Method
    Takashi TOKUMASU (Tohoku University)

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This issue featured "Flow in Fuel Cells".

The fuel cell has a 200-year-old history from the discovery of its principle. The phenomena in fuel cell has been deeply researched from the viewpoint of the practical application, in these days, the commercial products of a household power generation device have become available.

Through the latest numerical and experimental research, the present articles help us to better understand what is happening in the fuel cell. We believe that this issue may interest many researchers and engineers.

Masao Ogino, Motohiro Oshima, and Shinji Tamano

Last Update:9.3.2012