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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2014 Japan (MECJ-14) Part 2"

  1. Preface
    (T. Sanada, H. Yokoyama, I. Kinefuchi)
  2. High Knudsen number flows (To micro-gas flows from rarefied gas flows)
    Tomohide NIIMI (Nagoya University)
  3. Workshop on the new horizon in advanced thermo-fluid measurements including cooperation with numerical simulations
    Toshiyuki HAYASE (Tohoku University)
  4. Flow measurements of electrically charged nanoparticles (Ion and tunnel currents)
    Kentaro DOI, Satoyuki KAWANO (Osaka University)
  5. Development of surface pressure fluctuation measurement technique for identification of aerodynamic sound source of a rotational fan
    Akiyoshi IIDA (Toyohashi University of Technology)
  6. Possibility of thrombus detection in extracorporeal blood flow channel using process tomography
    Achyut SAPKOTA, Takuto FUSE (Chiba University), Osamu MARUYAMA (AIST), Masahiro TAKEI (Chiba University)
  7. The recent case examples of thermo-fluid measurement using high-speed camera
    Joji KUWABARA (Photron Ltd.)


High Knudsen Number Flows (To Micro-gas Flows from Rarefied Gas Flows)

Tomohide NIIMI
Nagoya Univ.
Dept. of Micro-Nano
Systems Engineering



High Knudsen number flows such as highly rarefied gas flows with large mean free path and gaseous flows around nano-devices with small characteristic length have become more important. In this letter, I introduce mainly the diagnostic techniques for the high Knudsen number flows, such as laser induced fluorescence (LIF), resonantly enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) and pressure sensitive molecular film (PSMF), and our experimental results obtained by the use of the techniques.


Key words

High Knudsen number flows, Rarefied gas flows, Micro gaseous flows, Laser induced fluorescence, Resonantly Enhanced Multi-Photon Ionization, Pressure sensitive molecular film, Accommodation Coefficient



Fig. 1 High Knudsen Number Flows

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