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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2015 Japan (MECJ-15) Part 1"

  1. Preface
  2. Historical Perspective on Fluid Machinery Flow Optimization and a Message for the Future
    Akira GOTO (EBARA Corporation)
  3. Workshop on Blood Flow Visualization (Kesshiken)
    Masahiro TAKEI (Chiba University), Masanori NAKAMURA (Saitama University), Hiromichi OBARA (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  4. Elucidation of the sudden death by the computational fluid dynamics
    Tadashi YAMAMOTO (Hokkaido Cardiovascular Hospital)
  5. Low RBC Interference in Micro Channel learned by Mosquito Blood Sucking Mechanism
    Kenji KIKUCHI (Tohoku University)
  6. Disposable Type Flowmeter for Medical and Biotechnology to see the Flow
    Tetsuya NAKANISHI (Aichi tokei denki Corporation)


Disposable type flowmeter for Medical and biotechnology to see the flow

Aichitokeidenki corporation




At medical sites, owing to request of handy measurement for the flow of blood, dialysis fluid, medicine, etc., actualization of economical and easily operational disposable structure flow meter is desired.

Regarding Aichi Tokei Denki's electromagnetic flow sensor which has such disposable structure that its flow-pass portion in contact with liquid can be replaced easily, the resin molding and the bonding technology to construct two flow-passes in the disposal flow-pass chip with high precision are described.

Furthermore, the two flow-passes of the disposal flow-pass chip can measure different fluids in different flow-rates.


Key words

electromagnetic flow sensor,disposal flow-pass chip,two flow-passes



This time, regarding our disposable structure electromagnetic flow meter, of which wetted flow-pass portion alone can be replaced easily, such configuration method of disposable flow-pass chip is considered and evaluated in terms of its accuracy performance that consists of 2 channels of flow-passes measuring flow highly accurate and that uses COC resin and thermo-compression bonding.

As the result, it is confirmed that the relative accuracy within ±0.1% between the 2 channels is achieved for the targeted flow-rate range 10-250mL/min under certain conditions and that the accuracy deviation by individual differences of the disposable chips can be kept within approximately ±2%.

Fig. 1 disposal flow-pass chip

Fig. 2 Two flow-pass Measurement error

This disposable type electromagnetic flow meter is aimed to contribute to various applications by having universality in flow-rate range, connection method, etc. The meter is to enable environments where nurses and engineers who even do not have any knowledge of flow measurement can replace the disposable flow-pass chips easily, without necessity of sanitary concern, at medical sites and cell culture facilities.

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