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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2018 Japan (MECJ-18)"

  1. Preface
    Masaaki MOTOZAWA, Sadao KUROSAWA
  2. Biomimetic consideration of means to catch fluid forces
    Yoshihiro KUBOTA, Osamu MOCHIZUKI (Toyo University)
  3. Technical Section on Plasma Actuators - Activities in the Past 5 Years and Future Prospects -
    Takehiko SEGAWA (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Koji FUKAGATA (Keio University), Takashi MATSUNO (Tottori University), Taku NONOMURA (Tohoku University), Naofumi OHNISHI (Tohoku University)
  4. Study of Flow Control by Trial and Error Learning Approach
    Hitoshi ISHIKAWA (Tokyo University of Science)
  5. Thrust Vector Control of Transonic and Supersonic Under-Expanded Jets
    Toshihiko SHAKOUCHI (Mie University)
  6. Active Boundary Layer Control by Jets in a Crossflow
    Hiroaki HASEGAWA (Utsunomiya University)
  7. Micro-tomographic Visualization of Capillary Blood Flow Velocity using Multi-Functional Optical Coherence Tomography
    Souichi SAEKI, Daisuke FURUKAWA (Osaka City University), Takafumi ITO, Yoshiaki NISHINO (Takaoka Toko Co., Ltd.)
  8. Application of multi-functional OCT to diagnose skin mechanics ~Visualization of skin vasculature~ 
    Yusuke HARA (Shiseido Global Innovation Center), Souichi SAEKI (Osaka City University)


Study of Flow Control by Trial and Error Learning Approach

Tokyo University of Science


Flow control is one of an important subject in fluid mechanics. A lot of flow control methods have been proposed by many researchers, such as blowing, suction, shape adaption and so on. Researchers have to decide the various control parameter which was required in their flow control method. In experimental approach for fluid mechanics, the parameter study requires much cost and time. Is the efficient method for flow control the repeating of Trial and Error learning approach? The experimental design method is one of the solution for efficient flow control research. It is important to realize the inherent flow structure in your experimental setup for a key of success in flow control research. It is discussed here how to find affordable flow control method and its parameter effectively.

Key words

Flow control, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Experimental design method




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