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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2015 Japan (MECJ-15) Part 2"

  1. Preface
  2. Development of CFD for Design Problems of Fluid System
    Kazuhiro TANAKA (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
  3. Workshop on Innovative Development of Frontier Fluids Engineering based on Functional Fluids Research
    Hidemasa TAKANA, Hideya NISHIYAMA (Tohoku University)
  4. Applications of Plasma Flow and Ionic Liquid to Energy Technologies
    Hidemasa TAKANA (Tohoku University)
  5. Bioengineering Application of Electro-conjugate Fluid
    Kenjiro TAKEMURA (Keio University)
  6. Development of Innovative Energy Conversion and Control using Magnetic Functional Fluids
    Yuhiro IWAMOTO (Doshisha University)
  7. Advanced Energy and Aerospace Technologies using Magnetohydrodynamics
    Takayasu FUJINO (University of Tsukuba)


Applications of Plasma Flow and Ionic Liquid to Energy Technologies

Hidemasa TAKANA
Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University


As for the advanced energy applications of plasma and ionic liquid as a functional fluids, plasma assisted ignition for internal combustion engines by nano second pulsed discharge at high pressure and high temperature conditions has been introduced. Furthermore, the ionic liquid electrospray for the space propulsion has been discussed with its fundamental characteristics.


Key words

Plasma, Plasma assisted ignition, Plasma actuator, Nano particle, Ionic liquid, electrospray



Fig. 1  Distributions of O(3P), CH3, O3 and NOat t = 24.6 ns.

Fig.2  Time evolutions of gas temperature with or without nanosecond pulsed discharge.

Fig. 3  Visualization of electrospray process for applied voltage of -5.2 kV.

Fig. 4  Correlation between ejected droplet velocity and diameter for various applied voltage and flow rate.

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