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Theme :"The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division (February issue)"

  1. Preface
    (T. Hashimoto,S. Matsuda,H.J. Park)
  2. Glimpses of Jomon lifestyle from interdisciplinary research
    Nobuhiko KAMIJO (Hirosaki University)
  3. Stress of needle-free injection by focused microjet and study on stability of the jet velocity using machine learning
    Daichi IGARASHI, Yuta Miyazaki, Masashi USAWA, Shuma KAWAI, Jingzu YEE, Masakazu MUTO, Shoto SEKIGUCHI, Yoshiyuki TAGAWA (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  4. Numerical Simulation on Nano Fibril Orientational Control by Electric Field in Cellulose Dispersed Flow
    Takumi USUI (Tohoku University), Hidemasa TAKANA (Tohoku University)
  5. Evaluation of Particle Behavior in Radial Turbine for Marine Turbocharger Based on Lagrangian Particle Tracking Model
    Nao TANIGUCHI, Fumito HIRATANI (MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD.), Takeshi TSUJI and Hidetaka NISHIMURA (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment, Ltd.)
  6. Diary of Flow Sommelier and Sound Sommelier
    Mari Kasai (Hokkaido University)



The 99th JSME Fluid Engineering Conference was held online based on the policy of JSME for the infection status of COVID-19. With the efforts of the executive committee of Hirosaki University from November 8th to 10th, 2021, a keynote speech by Professor Ko Okumura of Ochanomizu University, a special lecture by Professor Nobuhiko Kamijo of Hirosaki University and 14 organized sessions was configurated, and active discussion was performed. In addition, the 19th Dream of Flow Contest was held on the same schedule this year. Under this theme, "Attractive! The beauty of the flow," the presentations and works that attracted the interest of the three teams were exhibited on-demand format via YouTube distribution.

This issue of the newsletter is the "Meeting of the Fluid Engineering Division". The speakers of the keynote speech, special lecture, JSME young researcher best presentation fellow award and fluid engineering conference best presentation award, furthermore, the winning teams of the dream of flow contest provided articles. With the cooperation of many authors, we will publish it dividedly in the first half and the second half.

Many events such as conferences are restricted due to COVID-19, but we was impressed with the efforts and cooperation of many researchers to plan and execute the conferences and contest in a remote way.We hope that the articles are informative for engineers and researchers in our field and help to share the activities of the fluids engineering division in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank all the authors for their contributions.

Tokitada Hashimoto, Shoichi Matsuda, H.J. Park

Last Update:2.7.2022