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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2013 Japan (MECJ-13)"

  1. Preface

    (I. Kinefuchi, S. Tamano, T. Sanada)

  2. “Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.”
    Kouichiro TABARA (Yonago National College of Technology)
  3. Experiment Reproducing Flow Environment of Tornadogenesis
    Koji SASSA (Kochi University)
  4. Measurement and Modeling of Unsteady Fluid Forces Acting on Robots in Swimming Motions
    Motomu NAKASHIMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  5. EFD Workshop: Measurements of Fluid Force and Shear Stress
    Takatsugu KAMEDA (Kinki University)

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Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2013 Japan (MECJ-13) was held from September 8 to 11, 2013 in the Tsushima Campus of Okayama University. There were four keynote lectures, five workshops, and more than 20 organized and general sessions related to fluid mechanics and fluid engineering. These programs served as forums for lively discussions among a number of participants. In addition, Prof. Ishiwata gave a lecture open to the public entitled “Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.”, where the audience including university and college students, elementary school students, parents, and people from industries was attracted by the fascinating fluid phenomena.
In this issue of the newsletter, the atmosphere of the lecture “Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.” is reported by a participating student. Furthermore, the speakers of the keynote lecture and the workshop provide articles about variety of fluid phenomena at different scales such as tornadoes, flow around swimmers, and turbulent boundary layers. We hope that these articles are informative for engineers and researchers in our field and stimulate the activities of the fluids engineering division in the future.
Finally, we would like to thank all the authors for their contributions.

Ikuya Kinefuchi, Shinji Tamano, Toshiyuki Sanada

Last Update:10.31.2013