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Theme : "Mechanical Engineering Congress, 2013 Japan (MECJ-13)"

  1. Preface

    (I. Kinefuchi, S. Tamano, T. Sanada)

  2. “Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.”
    Kouichiro TABARA (Yonago National College of Technology)
  3. Experiment Reproducing Flow Environment of Tornadogenesis
    Koji SASSA (Kochi University)
  4. Measurement and Modeling of Unsteady Fluid Forces Acting on Robots in Swimming Motions
    Motomu NAKASHIMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  5. EFD Workshop: Measurements of Fluid Force and Shear Stress
    Takatsugu KAMEDA (Kinki University)

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“Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.”

Kouichiro TABARA
Advanced Course Student, Yonago National College of Technology

I attended the "Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab." at the Okayama University on September 8th, 2013. Many people including students, elementary school students, parents, and company officials participated in the event, because it was, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2013 Annual General Assembly Conference of People’s Forum. The instructor was Prof. Ryozo Ishiwata of Kanagawa Institute of Technology. I have seen him on “Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.” of the JSME Fluid Engineering Division Home Page. So I had been looking forward to joining the event.

Many experiments which elementary school students and their parents were able to experience were made at the beginning. They all looked interested in the experiments and I really enjoyed them, too. What impressed me most was an experiment of Magnus pipe using the Magnus effect. I learned I could experience a simple flow using instruments around me.

Photo 1  Prof. Ishiwata at Enjoy Fluid Experiments Lab.

Then I attended "the workshop for science teachers and volunteers," where I studied phenomena in a variety of fluid dynamics through lectures and experiments. I have studied the theorem on a variety of fluid dynamics at college. However, I could not understand promptly which theorem was applied to the experiment when I looked at the experiment. I need to study more! After that, I listen to Prof. Ishiwata’s explanation. I was surprised at the used theorem.

I have actually supported science classes at elementary school and junior high school. So, I would like to provide children with such a good science class in the future.

Photo 2  Workshop for science teachers and volunteers

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