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Theme : "Fluids Engineering for the World’s Top Technologies"

  1. Structural Design of Tokyo Sky Tree
    Atsuo KONISHI (Nikken Sekkei Ltd.)
  2. Pressure Fluctuation Analysis in Tunnels for High Speed Train
    Yukinobu ABE (Hitachi, Ltd. )
  3. Design and Development of A Multistage Axial-Flow Compressor for Industrial Gas Turbine
    Akinori MATSUOKA (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  4. Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and Fluid Dynamics
    Shozo KANEKO (The University of Tokyo)
  5. Biomechanical Simulations for Medical Treatment
    Shu TAKAGI (The University of Tokyo)
  6. Detailed Numerical Study on Turbulent Primary Atomization and Vapor Mixing of a Fuel Spray
    Junji SHINJO (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  7. Editorial Note
    (D. Sasaki, I. Kinefuchi, I. Hagiya)

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Pressure Fluctuation Analysis in Tunnels for High Speed Train

Yukinobu ABE
Hitachi, Ltd.,
Hitachi Research Laboratory


Hitachi is developing 3-dimensional compressible flow simulation for Shinkansen that runs under the most severe environmental conditions all over the world. High speed train like a Shinkansen generates pressure fluctuations when it runs at very high speed. In this paper, two cases of compressible calculations are shown. At first, pressure rise calculation in the tunnel when high-speed train enters to the tunnel (this is called micro-pressure wave) is shown. Experiments using scaled train model are carried out and measured pressure gradient that is one of the index of micro-pressure wave shows good agreement with calculation. It is shown that this 3-dimensional compressible flow simulation can solve pressure fluctuations in the tunnel with high accuracy. Secondly, pressure changes in the tunnel when trains are passing each other, are analyzed by this compressible flow simulation. Complex pressure phenomenon trains passing each other can be calculated with the 3-dimensional compressible flow simulation with high accuracy. Hitachi has applied this compressible flow simulation to Class 395 high-speed train in UK for complying European standard.

Key words

High speed train, pressure flactuation, Compressible flow simulation, micro-pressure wave

Fig. 1  Pressure distribution on the train surface and tunnel wall.

Fig. 2  Time history of pressure gradient in the tunnel.

Fig. 3 Pressure distribution of trains surface and tunnel wall.

Fig. 4  Time history of pressure in the tunnel.

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