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Theme : "The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division"

  1. Preface
    M.Oshima, Y. Takahashi, H. Yoshikawa
  2. Development of coaxial electromagnetic energy conversion device for efficient wind energy utilization
    Akira TANIDA, Hidemasa TAKANA (Tohoku University)
  3. Augmentation and attenuation of large-scale intermittent structures in rotating channel flow
    Takahiro ISHIDA (Tokyo University of Science)
  4. An attempt to measure wall shear stress fluctuation in a turbulent wall jet
    Takuya SAWADA, Osamu TERASHIMA, Yasuhiko SAKAI, Kouji NAGATA, Mitsuhiro SHIKIDA, Yasumasa ITO (Nagoya University)
  5. Concentration statistics near the turbulent / non-turbulent interface of a planar liquid jet with a chemical reaction
    Takahiro NAITO, Tomoaki WATANABE, Yasuhiko SAKAI, Kouji NAGATA, Yasumasa ITO, Osamu TERASHIMA (Nagoya University)
  6. The valuable experience of the Dreams of Flow Contest
    Tsubasa OZAKI, Jumpei OHKUBO, Hiroaki KOBAYASHI, Kodai FUJITA (Hokkaido University)
  7. A story of creation for Dreams of Flow Contest
    Kodai FUJITA, Hiroaki KOBAYASHI (Hokkaido University)

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A story of creation for Dreams of Flow Contest

Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University


I participated in JSME 12th Dreams of Flow Contest at Kyushu University as a representative of LFC football club. LFC means Laboratory for Flow Control that I belong to.

We created the board game “Wind Football” for this contest. This is the board game which is a combination of Table Football and fluid dynamics. Many laboratory members engaged in a process of creating Wind Football implement and preparing for presentation in contest. Here, I will talk about three important members.

First, Mr. Sampo helped me to produce implement of Wind Football (Figure1). He is the engineering official in LFC. A lot of experimental apparatuses used in LFC have been produced by him. His technique is so accomplished that all of his works is elaborate, and Wind Football is no exception. That implement is physically beautiful and contains many good ideas.

Second, Kobayashi supported me to conduct the experiment to visualize the flow field around a rotating blade of Wind Football. Kobayashi is my friend and colleague in LFC. This experiment data is the main material of my presentation.(Figure2). The cross-section of blade rotates clockwise about a fixed center axis. We can see that the edge of blade generates vortices. After separating vortices, these have a collision with a ball.

Third, Ozaki gave me many advices about my presentation. He is also a member of LFC same as Kobayashi and good at presentation. In LFC, his presentation is respected by all. Also in this contest, he won the highest award. Thanks to him, I got better at a skill of presentation.

As a result, we won “Ichiju” prize fortunately in this contest. As noted above, this is the result of excellent cooperation of LFC members.


Key words

Fluid Dynamics, Flow visualization, Vortex shedding, Dreams of Flow contest



Fig.1 A design of the Wind Football

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Fig.2  A Visualization of flow field around a rotating blade

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