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Theme : "The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division"

  1. Preface
  2. Fluids Engineering supporting Artificial Heart
    Takashi YAMANE (Kobe University)
  3. Foam measurement via a single-tip optical fiber probe with surface treatment
    Ayumi NIHEI, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  4. Visualization of a process of ultrasonic particle flocculation depending on dissolved gas components in water
    Sayuri YANAI, Hiroya MURAMATSU, Yuki MIZUSHIMA, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  5. Research for Cerebral Aneurysm Recanalization After Coil Embolization Using CFD
    Soichiro FUJIMURA (Tokyo University of Science)
  6. A Water Bed, Yasutaka
    Naoya UENE (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College)
  7. Music Awa ~Music hour~
    Shuhei HATTORI, Ikuma EMORI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )



The 93rd JSME Fluids Engineering Conference was held from 7 to 8, Dec., 2015 at Katsushika Campus of Tokyo University of Science. The conference has keynote lecture from Prof. Yamane (Kobe University), special lecture form Prof. Akiyama (Tokyo University of Science), and 12 organized sessions and general sessions. During the conference, totally 286 technical papers were presented and discussed. At the first day of the conference, the 14th dream of flow contest was held, and various works were presented with the theme of “Harmony of Healing and welfare”. The contest has special lecture from Prof. Kawamura (President of Tokyo University of Science, SUWA).

This issue of the newsletter is “JSME Fluids Engineering Conference”. Articles are contributed by lecturer of the keynote, recipients of the best presentation award of the JSME young researcher fellow, and the best presentation award of the fluid engineering conference. Furthermore, the teams of first prize, and ICHIKI award of the dream of flow contest were reported about the work. It is expected that articles are informative for engineers and researchers, and help to share the activities of the fluids engineering division in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank all the authors for their contributions.

Daisaku Sakaguchi, Motohiro Oshima, Masaaki Motozawa

Last Update:2.16.2016