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Theme : "The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division"

  1. Preface
  2. Fluids Engineering supporting Artificial Heart
    Takashi YAMANE (Kobe University)
  3. Foam measurement via a single-tip optical fiber probe with surface treatment
    Ayumi NIHEI, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  4. Visualization of a process of ultrasonic particle flocculation depending on dissolved gas components in water
    Sayuri YANAI, Hiroya MURAMATSU, Yuki MIZUSHIMA, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  5. Research for Cerebral Aneurysm Recanalization After Coil Embolization Using CFD
    Soichiro FUJIMURA (Tokyo University of Science)
  6. A Water Bed, Yasutaka
    Naoya UENE (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College)
  7. Music Awa ~Music hour~
    Shuhei HATTORI, Ikuma EMORI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )


Music Awa ~Music hour~

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology



We participated JSME 14th Dreams of Flow Contest held at Tokyo University Science of as Team LCS×SATUKI. In this article, we describe the outline of Music Awa ~Music hour~.

The theme of Dreams of Flow Contest is “Japanese healing and welfare”, so we focused on Japanese healing. Music Awa ~Music hour~ based on Japanese lighting equipment called “Andon” (Fig.1). Music Awa ~Music hour~ contains a variety of gimmicks.

First, we created a device that oil bead, such as the bubble are ups and downs (Fig.2). It contains benzyl alcohol (C6H5CH2OH) colored in orange and salt water in the bottle. When it is warm from the bottom of this bottle in heat of an incandescent lamp, the specific gravity of benzyl alcohol is smaller than salt water, and floats benzyl alcohol. After benzyl alcohol is raised, benzyl alcohol back specific gravity by being cooled at the top and moves to the bottom. Such ups and downs of benzyl alcohol is repeated.

Second, we created a Laser Harp as a device that music plays.
Laser Harp is likened to string of the laser light, music is played by blocking the laser light. Cds cell is the role of the light sensor (Fig.3). The opposite of Cds cell is installed laser pointer, and it is always in a state where the laser light hits the Cds cell (Fig.4). When benzyl alcohol ups and downs, and refracts the laser light, music plays by laser light being blocked at the Cds cell.

Finally, we demonstrated “Music Awa ~Music hour~”
On the contest day, we presentation and demonstrated to show ups and downs of benzyl alcohol and the music from a laser harp to many people (Fig.5).

Key words

Thermic fluid, Benzyl alcohol, Laser Harp


Fig.1 Appearance of “Music Awa ~Music hour~”

Fig.2 It looks like a floating oil bead rises

Fig.3 A design of Laser Harp

Fig.4 Laser Harp system

Fig.5 Music Awa ~Music hour~

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