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Theme : "The Conference of Fluid Engineering Division"

  1. Preface
  2. Fluids Engineering supporting Artificial Heart
    Takashi YAMANE (Kobe University)
  3. Foam measurement via a single-tip optical fiber probe with surface treatment
    Ayumi NIHEI, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  4. Visualization of a process of ultrasonic particle flocculation depending on dissolved gas components in water
    Sayuri YANAI, Hiroya MURAMATSU, Yuki MIZUSHIMA, Takayuki SAITO (Shizuoka University)
  5. Research for Cerebral Aneurysm Recanalization After Coil Embolization Using CFD
    Soichiro FUJIMURA (Tokyo University of Science)
  6. A Water Bed, Yasutaka
    Naoya UENE (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College)
  7. Music Awa ~Music hour~
    Shuhei HATTORI, Ikuma EMORI (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology )


Fluids Engineering supporting Artificial Heart

Takashi YAMANE
Kobe University




Historical trend of pump types for implantable ventricular assist devices is described from a pulsatile type to a rotary type, so-called first to third generations. Bearing systems governing durability of VAD are explained from mechanical bearings to non-contact bearings such as a magnetic bearing and a hydrodynamic bearing. Hemocompatibility is also described regarding hemolysis, thrombus formation, and VWF break from a fluid dynamic view point.

Key words

Ventricular assist device, Centrifugal pump, Hydrodynamic bearing, Hemocompatibility



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