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The hot topic on study, technological development and R&D in fluids engineering fields

Published in July 2022 issue. 
Unsteady behavior and mechanism of a rotating stall in a centrifugal compressor with vaneless diffuser

Nobumichi FUJISAWA(Waseda University),
Hiroshi MIIDA(Honda R&D Co., Ltd.),
Kenta TAJIMA(Komatsu Ltd.),
Yutaka OHTA(Waseda University)
Published in September 2021 issue. 
A study of aerodynamic sound generated from an airfoil placed in a flow with turbulence (2nd Report: In the case of airfoil subjected to circular-cylinder wake)

Noriaki KOBAYASHI(Osaka University),
Yasumasa SUZUKI(Nihon University),
Chisachi KATO(The University of Tokyo)

Sterilization in liquids by air plasma under intermittent discharge

Takehiko SATO (Tohoku University),
Kairi MURAMATSU (Tohoku University),
Tomoki NAKAJIMA (Tohoku University),
Toshikatsu NAGASAWA (Hirayama Manufacturing Corporation),
Tatsuyuki NAKATANI (Okayama University of Science),
Shigeru FUJIMURA (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)

Published in September 2020 issue. 
Planar elongational rheometer with two-dimensional opposing jets nozzle for mobile fluid

Manabu KATO(National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College),
Tsutomu TAKAHASHI(Nagaoka University of Technology)

Control of aerodynamic noise with feedback loop around the trailing edge of a curved plate with a kink shape by a plasma actuator

Takenori MIYAMOTO(Toyohashi University of Technology),
Hiroshi YOKOYAMA(Toyohashi University of Technology),
Akiyoshi IIDA(Toyohashi University of Technology) 

Published in August 2019 issue. 

Experimental study of appearance of thermodynamic effect on cavitation in hot water

Yuka IGA(Tohoku University), Teppei FURUSAWA(Tohoku University)

Spray atomization of multi-swirl injector for port fuel injection engine

Kazuki YOSHIMURA(Hitachi, Ltd.), Yoshihito YASUKAWA(Hitachi, Ltd.),
Eiji ISHII(Hitachi, Ltd.), Nobuaki KOBAYASHI(Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)

Published in January 2019 issue.

Effect of roughness on mean flow properties for turbulent boundary layer

Takatsugu KAMEDA(Kindai University),
Shinsuke MOCHIZUKI(Yamaguchi University),
Hideo OSAKA(Yamaguchi University)

Development of numerical method for mass transfer from a buoyant bubble under a high Schmidt number condition

Rihito ADACHI(Osaka University, currently Mitsubishi Electric Corporation),
Takeshi OMORI(Osaka University),
Takeo KAJISHIMA(Osaka University),

Published in November 2017 issue.

Nano powder transportation by combining plasma actuation and electrostatic mixing in a tube

Hidemasa Takana(Tohoku University),
Shusaku Nakakawaji(Tohoku University),
Satoshi Uehara( Tohoku University),
Hideya Nishiyama(Tohoku University)

Predicting supercharging effect in suction line in inverter rotary compressor

Atsushi KUBOTA(Hitachi, Ltd.),
Hirokatsu KOUSOKABE(Hitachi, Ltd.),
Tetsuya TADOKORO(Johnson Controls Air Conditioning, Inc.)

Published in December 2016 issue.

Simulation of the opening delay by the oil film stiction in the compressor valve

Fumitaka YOSHIZUMI (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.),
Yasuhiro KONDOH (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.),
Takahiro MOROI (Toyota Industries Corporation),
Shinji TAMANO (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
and Yohei MORINISHI (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Three-dimensional structure of tip vortex in a half-ducted propeller fan

Kazuya KUSANO(Kyushu University, currently Hitachi, Ltd.),
Masato FURUKAWA (Kyushu University),
and Kazutoyo YAMADA (Kyushu University)

Published in January 2016 issue.

Research on Flow Accelerated Corrosion in Carbon Steel Piping

and Akira NAKAMURA (Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.)

Accuracy improvement of the Cartesian grid method for numerical simulations of heat transfer and fluid flow

Norikazu SATO(Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.),
Shintaro TAKEUCHI(Osaka University),
Takeo KAJISHIMA(Osaka University)
and Nariaki HORINOUCHI(Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.)

Published in October 2014 issue.

Yield Prediction Method of a Reaction in a Micro-Fluid Device and Experimental Proof of Increased Production using Parallel-Connected Devices

Shigenori TOGASHI, Yukako ASANO and Yoshishige ENDO (Hitachi, Ltd.)

Quantitative evaluation and design optimization for stent embolization of newly developing micro-porous covered stent for cerebral aneurysm treatment

Tsutomu TAJIKAWA(Kansai Univ),
Shogo NISHI(Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital) and
Yasuhide NAKAYAMA(National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute)

Published in December 2013 issue.

Evaluation of Turbulence Kinetic Energy Budget in Turbulent Flows by using Photobleaching Molecular Tagging Velocimetry

Shigeo HOSOKAWA and Akio TOMIYAMA (Kobe Univ.)

Published in November 2013 issue.

Numerical Analysis of Free-surface Flows under Various Conditions in Acceleration (Improvement of CIP-LSM : CIP-based Level Set & MARS)

Takehiro HIMENO (University of Tokyo)


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